Sample Projects

Boeing 707

Avionics Engineering Services, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Aerovation, Inc. has worked extensively in the modernization and refurbishing of several Boeing B707 aircraft, to this day still considered a formidable aircraft and currently used by many Air Forces, including USAF.

The projects ranged from avionics modernizations, including flight directors, flight management systems, and satphone system, among other applications, to re-engining a fleet of civilian operated tankers with Pratt & Whitney P&W JT8D-219 engines.

Aerovation has been considered for a number of projects around the world to refurbish and provide logistics support for entire fleets, usually serving military purposes. Aerovation is uniquely positioned to serve organizations around the world in the challenging and demanding world of special mission flight operations.


The following systems were
installed in the aircraft:


•  Flight Director

•  FMS

•  Airdata System

•  Satellite Phone

•  No.3 INS

•  VG/DG

•  LaserRef

•  Fuel Flow

•  Nav Switching

•  TAS

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