Aerovation administrative and engineering offices are located at the Million Air Tucson facility located at the Tucson International Airport.  Aerovation’s small aircraft hangar facilities are located at 2060 and 2080 East Airport Drive at the Tucson International Airport. These facilities offer the space and equipment  for complete operations, maintenance, and modification of the aircraft. The Million Air facility comprises 16,000 square feet of laboratories, warehouse, operations, and office space. Aerovation’s facilities also include a systems integration laboratory (SIL); a wide range of test equipment; ground support  equipment; and mechanical and electrical shops.


Aerovation’s facilities are closed to
public access and are fully within the
airport security zone.

The Aerovation team developed and operates two fully instrumented portable engine test stands for engines with thrust up to 16,000 pounds. The engine test area is a dedicated 100,000 square feet concrete facility approved for 24 hour per day operations. Aerovation designed, fabricated, installed, and operated the data acquisition system (DAS) to provide engineering data for developmental engines thrust reversers, airplane systems, and airplane/inlet compatibility. Workstations are located inside the ground control station.


Our facilities accommodate complete aircraft
operations, maintenance, and modification.
We are located at Tucson International Airport


  • Full Sheet Metal Shop, Mechanical and Electrical Shops
  • Laser Wire Marker, Harness Buildup Shop
  • Systems Integration Laboratory (SIL)
  • Wide Range of Test Equipment
  • Ground Support Equipment



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