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Lockheed C-130

The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s (GSFC) Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) Aircraft Office operates two NASA C-130H Hercules research aircraft to support airborne scientific research activities. The C-130H is used to perform scientific research, provide logistics support on an as-needed basis to other airborne science missions, and can be used as a technology test bed for new airborne and satellite instrumentation. These aircraft are also available to support range surveillance and recovery operations as needed.

Aerovation has participated in this effort to modify the two aircraft after been inherited by the US Coast Guard.

The aircraft were retrofitted with atmospheric research instruments and payloads, along with enhanced intercom systems designed and installed by Aerovation.

Aerovation employs several a number of technicians and engineering with a vast extended experience working with this particular platform.

Given the sensitive nature of this project, Aerovation is not authorized to discuss aspects of the engineering effort in any details.



The following systems were
installed in the aircraft:


•  Audio System

•  Intercom System

•  Antennas

•  Science Instrumentation

•  Equipment racks

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